Fulfillment Technology that Keeps Things Simple

Using Fulfillment Technology to Keep Things Simple

Fulfillco's services are all about you. And that goes for our approach to technology as well. Some of our giant competitors may try to dictate what software you have to run to "interface" with them. Not us. We keep it flexible and simple. At the end of the day, getting your orders out the door means communication and working together, and that's not rocket science.

We use our own proprietary software which we designed around the notion that every client has different needs, and our software is flexible enough to work with each client as if it had been written just for him or her.

So, what does this mean for you?

First, it's really easy to transmit orders to us. You don't have to reconfigure your business or buy some expensive program. We offer you lots of ways to communicate, including:

Second, you get fulfillment done your way. Customizations are no problem. Does your accounting software have a mind of it's own? We'll work with you. Need a special packing list format? Just tell us. Want fine-grained control over "bounce back" offers inserted in shipments? You've got it.

Ready to Learn More?

Get a free no-obligation quote or give us a call. Our phones are answered by live humans in our Union City facility who understand fulfillment. No sales pressure. Just friendly common sense.

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